Rules & Restrictions

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Visitors with the following behaviors are prohibited to enter the park:


1. Bringing dangerous materials along.

2. Alcoholism, talking and behaving inappropriately with discourtesy.

3.Rent or sale of materials or recreation equipments, and other activities that are not approved.


The following behaviors are prohibited and rule-breakers who do not correct their behaviors after persuading or advising will be treated by laws by park policemen or servicemen.


1. Illegally driving and parking motor vehicles within the park areas.

2. Camping, BBQ, and other cooking behaviors.

3. Setting off firecrackers or fireworks.

4. Climbing or breaking trees and flowers and damaging on lawn or facilities.

5. Any graffiti or carving or attaching materials on facilities or trees.

6. Littering or dumping garbage. 

7. Set up vendors to sell or rent goods and recreation equipments.

8. Fighting or making trouble to interfere public order.

9. Making noise to interfere public tranquility and peace.

10. Being naked around, pee or poo on-site or other irregular behaviors.

11. Gambling and pornographic behaviors or activities.

12. Spreading out advertisement and propaganda materials.

13. Risking safety for not following rules of facility uses.

14. Swimming, fishing and Flying kites.

15. Hunting, strolling with dogs and bringing in or grazing stocks.

16. Other activities or affairs that are prohibited or limited by official authorities.