出版品標題Taichung Metropolitan Park: a green gem in the city
Taichung Metropolitan Park: a green gem in the city
Author: Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior
Published date: 2009-11
ISBN: 9789860203127

About the book: The Taichung Metropolitan Park is located on the Taichung Dadu Plateau covering an area of 88 hectares. This is the country’s second major city park, completed after the Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park. Since its opening in 2000, the Taichung Metropolitan Park has become a popular place for residents and visitors alike to engage in leisure activities. After the park’s plants gradually settled in the local environment, insects and animals followed suit, creating a lush and rich habitat. This book guides you around Dadu Plateau to discover its natural geography and human history. It also introduces the park’s natural resources, great scenic lookouts, facilities and walking routes, enabling everyone to enjoy this green treasure mountain!