Scenic and Recreational Areas

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Taichung Metropolitan Park area has three principal axes: one running east facing the city night view, another going west towards the sunset, and the last one heading north for watching the stars and constellations. Each axis is laid out as a walking path moving through three different levels of development and use of space.

First, the intensive-use area, (central recreation area). This is the center of the park where you will find the Visitor Center, car park, Stargazing Square, a manmade Scenic Lake, and an outdoor performance plaza, all offering space for recreational, cultural and social activities.

Second, the medium-use area (the scenic trail area): This is the buffer space between man and nature, at the edge of the intensive-use space, home to the Eco Lake, the Sunlight Meadow and hiking trails.

Third, the extensive-use area (virgin forest reserve area). The outermost part of the park, this area is dedicated to preserving the natural environment, providing a space where plants can regenerate and animals can rest.