Prior to the construction of the park, a sugar cane plantation dominated the plateau’s land use and fauna resources were scarce. In stark contrast to its past, the flora ecology currently administered by the park is rich and diverse, which in turn attracts a variety of wild animals to inhabit the park. After years of monitoring, statistics indicate that, for mammals, Red-bellied Tree Squirrels and rabbits are the most frequently sighted warm-blooded vertebrates, followed closely behind by the nocturnal Japanese House Bat. 10 known species in 7 families of mammals are currently known to exist in the park. Common Sliders, an invasive alien species of the Brazilian origin, and the slightly outnumbered Chinese Stripe-necked Turtles, are the most commonly seen reptiles, followed closely by the tree-climbing Swinhoe's Japalura, the grass-hoping Stejneger's Grass Lizard, the Taiwan Stink Snake, and the Taiwan Banded Krait. Currently data shows that there are 7 species of 6 families of known reptiles on record. For amphibians, 4 species of 5 families, including the Common Chinese Tree Toad, Sauter's Brown Frog, the Spectacled Toad, and the Ornata Narrow-mouthed Toad, have also been sighted. 5 species in 7 families of freshwater fish have also been identified in the park, with Common Carp, Crucian Carp, and Mosquito Fish being the top three in quantity. Birds, resident and migratory, are numerous. The current count reveals up to 50 species of 30 families of birds in the area. The largest resident group of wildlife in the park are the insects of the class Insecta, of which 230 species of 83 families have been identified. Among them, the Milkweed Butterflies that migrate from southern Taiwan towards the north in large quantities each year during the summer mating season are perhaps the most famed in the park.

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